Low-Carbon. Modular. Affordable. Neighbourhood.

InventaCinema is a new concept in neighbourhood cinemas, created using offsite, modular and low- carbon technologies. InventaCinema is a state-of-the-art solution for communities seeking to provide a neighbourhood cinema in underserved rural, small town and periphery of city areas. It can be configured as an addition to other existing leisure and hospitality venues.

InventaCinema is a new concept in neighbourhood cinemas, created using offsite, modular and low- carbon technologies. InventaCinema is a state-of-the-art solution for communities seeking to provide a neighbourhood cinema in underserved rural, small town and periphery of city areas. It can be configured as an addition to other existing leisure and hospitality venues.

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Key benefits compared to conventional cinema developments.

- Fully developed product- Known development costs- Short construction timescale- Efficient, low-carbon design- Potential to sell on Carbon Offset Credits- Low operating costs- Flexible configuration from 1 to 5+ screens

The carbon net zero cinema has been achieved through the use of the Agile Build System for the structural envelope, clean renewable energy strategies and the use of decarbonised products for the fit out. A proof of concept Feasibility Study and Demonstration Pod, funded with a UK Community Renewal Fund grant, was completed in 2022.

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Key benefits compared to conventional cinema developments.

- Fully developed product- Known development costs- Short construction timescale- Efficient, low-carbon design- Potential to sell on Carbon Offset Credits- Low operating costs- Flexible configuration from 1 to 5+ screens

The carbon net zero cinema has been achieved through the use of the Agile Build System for the structural envelope, clean renewable energy strategies and the use of decarbonised products for the fit out. A proof of concept Feasibility Study and Demonstration Pod, funded with a UK Community Renewal Fund grant, was completed in 2022.

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Further Information

Download our presentation packs below for more information.

InventaCinema aims to bring low carbon cinema to locations and communities where there is limited access to a high quality cinemagoing experience. Here we outline the concept, the benefits, and the innovative renewable energy and construction strategies used to create new cinemas.


Illustrating the application of the InventaCinema approach to the development of an independent cinema in response to an operator brief and forming part of a wider mixed use regeneration project in the centre of a market town.




InventaCinema has been developed by InventaCinema Ltd [Stefanie Fischer, Architect; Ron Inglis, Cinema Consultant; Leonard Design Architects] and Agile. CRF funding was secured by Raise Partnership. Sponsors of the Demonstration Pod include: Ferco Seating, Camira Fabrics, Light Tape, Mogu Bio, and Graphenstone.