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This is how most people go to the cinema: enter, buy concessions, go to the screen, sit down and watch. And who can blame them if they don’t consider the cinema build?  Such as what materials were used? How energy-efficient are cinemas? How has cinema design changed? And the answers are usually: brick, not very and not much.

Until now...

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InventaCinema featured in Cinema Technology

InventaCinema’s co-directors Stefanie Fischer and Ron Inglis gave an in-depth interview for the June 2023 issue of Cinema Technology. The magazine was widely distributed at CineEurope 2023 Conference and Trade Show in Barcelona. Click here to read the article:

InventaCinema featured in Cinema Technology
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InventaCinema gets strong support at the UK Cinema Conference

The InventaCinema concept was presented by Stefanie Fischer (Co-director, InventaCinema) and Craig White (CEO, Agile Homes & Property) at the UK Cinema Conference in London in March 2023. 88 per cent of people scored the InventaCinema session as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.


Amongst comments received were:

  • ‘Outstanding - rich and informative. Full of practical information and resources.’
  • ‘Absolutely blown away (excuse the pun) by this presentation, the professionalism of Stefanie [Fischer] and the knowledge of Craig [White]....incredible.’
  • ‘Fascinating. Stefanie and Craig did a superb job of breaking down new opportunities for development. I haven't stopped thinking about this since last week.’
  • ‘This was really inspiring and visionary. The main presenter and host of the panel [Stefanie Fischer] was brilliant: very smart and clear.’
  • ‘Best panel of the two days. If I had a spare £2.65m I would be trying to build from straw.’
  • ‘I think everyone came out of that session wondering where they could locate a modular cinema! Gave us ideas on alternative solutions within existing venues.’
  • ‘Loved the innovation - very inspiring and came away with lots more intel and knowledge Craig - very engaging speaker - could have listed to more from him!’
  • ‘Helpful information from all the panel.’
  • ‘The best of the event.’